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Rinox Group manufacturing trade show

Welcome to the exclusive manufacturing trade show of Rinox! As a leading manufacturer of high-end, high-performance, and prestigious concrete products for over 25 years, Rinox has been at the forefront of home siding and exterior landscaping for both residential and commercial projects, setting the trend and quality benchmark in the construction industry.

With thousands of landscapers relying on their products, Rinox consistently introduces new innovations and product lines to professionals in the industry. To accommodate their extensive range of products, including diverse brands like Aquarino, Rialux, and Dolphin pools, they sought a mobile and versatile presentation solution.

Rinox Manufacturing Trade Show

In pursuit of attending more manufacturing trade shows and presentations, Rinox has brought to life an impressive collection of various slabs, pavers, wall finishes, and outdoor accessories, all housed within the SSLITE16. Even in the larger landscaping collection, we have adapted by showcasing bigger slabs on lightboxes to prevent excessive weight during transportation by trucks.

From backyard elements to retaining walls, steps, pool coping, fire pits, alleys, and more, the array of products is extensive. 

The primary objective was to present these items in their full size without any weight restrictions, allowing clients to determine if any of these pieces fit perfectly into their dream home needs like missing puzzle components.

On the other end of the unit, Steel Space has designed a custom rack for smaller stone pieces, offering visitors the opportunity to touch and feel the concrete finishes. 

Through the use of different outdoor materials employed by the group, the entire footprint has transformed into a substantial platform, showcasing the wide array of products the Rinox group has to offer.

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Take A Break of The Manufacturing Trade Show

Second floors in tradeshows are a must when you need to engage in B2B interactions. By utilizing the terrace area, the team had a designated space to meet with industry-related individuals upstairs, allowing them to finalize deals and contracts in a professional setting.

This addition to the unit significantly motivated the team to establish a secure area for such important conversations. Moreover, utilizing our second floor for product presentations also expands our footprint and enhances the overall space available in the main area.

To maintain consistency and a thematic connection with backyards and similar terrace setups, we have incorporated railings and umbrellas, aligning with the ambiance in which these products are often used.

The Value of Reaching More Potential Resellers

In sales or any business development, it’s challenging to showcase a comprehensive range of products during a meeting. However, given Rinox’s impressive high-end reputation built over 25 years, their accomplishments speak for themselves. To address this challenge, they chose to harness mobility, versatility, and creativity to collaborate with us and bring this amazing project to life.

During their first year of touring with this massive structure, the entire team was already thrilled and eagerly looking forward to year two! If you wish to experience the exceptional quality of Rinox firsthand, we invite you to explore their lookbook available.

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