Mobile Track Solution

Showcasing Their Hydraulic Products

We were approached by Steelhead, a marketing agency, to collaborate on a memorable experience for their client MTS (Mobile Track Solutions) at this year’s CONEXPO-CON.

CONEXPO-CON is an international gathering for the construction industry held every three years at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. The event focuses on construction, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete, and showcases the latest technologies, innovations, and industry-targeted education.

Powerful Hydraulic Innovations

MTS is a company that offers a range of scraper models, construction-grade tractors, disks, and rollerblades. Their products are tested in real-world environments to ensure efficiency, ease of use, durability, and agility to meet any condition.

To effectively highlight MTS’s remarkable hydraulic products at CONEXPO, our team proposed the utilization of our SS20 unit—an ingeniously modified shipping container that exudes an industrial aesthetic and operates seamlessly through a hydraulic system. The mobile unit effortlessly aligns with MTS’s vision, delivering a captivating solution to showcase their exceptional hydraulic offerings.

MTS's Hydraulic Advancements at CONEXPO-CON

By combining the expertise of Steelhead and our own industry-leading technology, we were able to create an unforgettable experience for MTS at CONEXPO-CON, capturing the attention of industry professionals and fostering a deep appreciation for MTS’s hydraulic advancements.

Plug and Play Solution

This is a great example of how customizable our containers are. We can add additional electronics, change flooring materials, add external and internal branding, add furniture and more.

Note that we can also make more dramatic changes including changing materials and building one-off structures. Depending on the size of the project, you will have it ready in weeks and simply loaded and delivered to your location where you simply plug and play.

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