The Definition of Pop-up Container. Everything You Need to Know

Published on: February 24, 2023

Written by: Steel Space Concepts

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We’ve all seen them, and many of us have experienced a pop-up container. At festivals, street markets, or simply on the fly, pop-up containers are a way to attract attention. Before doing such an activation, it is important to understand what a pop-up container is. Do you want to get the attention of passers-by? You want to promote your brand or test a new product? You need to understand how a pop-up shop works.

What is a pop-up container?

Pop-up container are a big deal nowadays, and you see them “pop-up” everywhere you go. Pop-up shops are an opportunity for small or large businesses and startups to test their products in the real world. They allow companies to get firsthand experience in their retail market and industry. Not only that, it unveils an unfiltered review of the customers towards your product. To put it into simple words, a pop-up shop is a small shop that you can set up at any public locality. The goal of the pop-up that you will create will vary. Some of these shops are for a product launch or a brand launch, while others allow customers to find out about a sample sale. Therefore, make sure you determine the focus and goal of the pop-up shop.

People enoying themselves in front of a pop-up container

What is the purpose of pop-up containers?

A Pop-up container is typically used for one of those reasons:

  • to introduce a new product line
  • test a new market
  • generate awareness for a product or cause

Pop-up containers are typically set up in areas with high foot traffic such as busy streets, malls, trade show and music festivals. The practice of using pop-up shops is sometimes called “flash retailing.”

Shipping container pop up shops are also very convenient because you can move them to different locations. This gives companies the opportunity to go to different events, markets, or malls for a period of time and then move on to another location. Another good reason to use a container for pop up shop is that containers are built to be secure while transporting cargo. This means that you can be sure that all of your merchandise or valuables will be safe inside your container pop up shop when you pack up for the night. Container pop up shops aren’t just secure from unwanted thieves but also from weather, rodents, and bugs. Use a shipping container for pop up shop to create a unique experience for your customers. There is a reason that pop-up shops are so trendy and all-over social media. Bring your own visions and designs when creating a shipping container pop up to create a social media following that will benefit you offline and online.

Example of Pop-up Container

This Spotify pop-up coffee bar were styled with aesthetic-friendly colors–think Instagram-worthy shots from influencers and shoppers. To say the least, it added to the overall hype and success because they were shared organically over hundreds of social media profiles. We partnered up with Spotify and deployed this colorful pop-up coffee bar under the desert sun using our SSL8. This unit was perfect in terms of size and nimbleness.

During the Revole Festival, Spotify used our 8 feet container as a serving station. As they watched their favorite bands perform, festivalgoers were able to catch the K-Pop vibes while enjoying the best Dalgona coffee and smoothie making the experience a success! On top of that, the photo booth made it even more memorable than it already was! People were dancing around the pop-up coffee bar enjoying the perfect coffee or smoothie!

At Steel Space Concepts, we like ideas like this one. Experiential marketing truly has its impact on visitors and our units give access to more people to live the experience. Fully mobile and easy to deploy, we can bring your ideas to more people! The activation was a huge success!

Full view of the mobile pop-up bar during a music festival

Want to get more inspired? Here are 8 pop-up shop ideas for your next event! 👀

How effective are pop-up containers?

An advantage of using a pop-up container experience to boost brand awareness is that it’s a form of advertising in itself. Have a limited budget or want to maximize your spending so that it’s effective and creates a great experience for shoppers? A pop-up might be the way to go.

Not every brand has the funds to snap up that coveted retail space. Some brands don’t even want to be in a retail space. A pop-up gives brands the best of both worlds. Typically found in vacant retail spaces or down the center walkway of a shopping mall—oftentimes featuring a good amount of foot traffic—pop-ups are no longer relegated to these regions. Whether it’s inside a massive big-box retailer, boutique store, or on a fun, whimsically designed truck-making pit stops in various cities on a ‘road trip,’ these experiences can be anywhere.

How Pop-up Container Builds Brand Awareness?

In addition to standard retailers, the pop-up model has also been applied to restaurants, concerts and art displays. Pops-ups are used as a marketing strategy just as much as – if not more than – a sales opportunity. They are often promoted as an event and a store, and are important for generating brand loyalty, which leads to future sales. Containers are used for the purpose of retail displays. The mobility of a container means that customers don’t have to seek shoppers, retailers can take their product directly to their customers.

Final thoughts

The ‘pop-up’ concept has become a bit of a phenomenon. They are a response to high rental costs in shopping precincts and the uncertainty of retail sales. Pop-ups mean that retailers can invest short term to test the viability of a product instead of gambling on a long-term lease. It makes good sense.

Now that you have a good idea of what a shipping container pop up shop is, what the benefits are of using a shipping container pop up shop and the basics of how to turn a container into a pop-up shop, it’s time to decide what container is right for you.

For more information on the different types and sizes of containers, you can visit our website or reach out to one of our team members at Steel Space Concepts for help with the right container that is perfect for you.


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