This Is More Than Just a Shipping Container for Your Events

Published on: March 20, 2024

Written by: vincent

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Ever seen a shipping container repurposed for events and thought, ‘Ah, another one of those’? Well, hold that thought. While it may resemble a shipping container at first glance, what we offer transcends mere structure.

We’re not just about providing a space; we’re your creative partner, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your every need. From conceptualization to execution, from branding to logistics, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

So, yes, in a way, we do offer ‘shipping containers’ for your events, but it’s so much more than that. Let’s delve deeper into what sets us apart.

No, This Is Not “Just A Container”

Before looking at some examples, let’s delve into why our units transcend the typical notion of a shipping container for your events.


If you’re familiar with our units, you’ve likely witnessed their transformative potential. From a basic single-sided open container to a fully-fledged structure complete with a rooftop terrace, we tailor our units to accommodate your every requirement.

As you’ve seen, our versatility extends beyond the interior of the unit. Whether it’s a sleek bar setup or a fully enclosed catering area complete with sunshades for festival-goers and basketball enthusiasts, we breathe life into your concepts, inside and out.


Utilizing every available surface – walls, floors, railings, and beyond – our units serve as dynamic billboards for your brand. It’s not merely a shipping container for your events; it’s a vehicle to amplify your message to your audience.

Strategic branding can make all the difference in a crowded event landscape. Amidst a sea of festival-goers and competing pop-ups, visibility is key. Your branding should be the first thing to catch the eye of passersby, inviting them to engage with your unique brand experience.

The Experience

Indeed, it’s the experiential journey our units offer that truly sets us apart from being “just a shipping container for your events.” We don’t simply provide sliding doors and a confined space for product displays. We create a platform for your brand to shine, immersing visitors in your world for a memorable moment.

From a compact 10×10 footprint to an expansive 5,000 sq. ft. setup, we ensure you maximize every inch of your space. We craft experiences that reflect the essence of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on passersby long after they’ve stepped inside your activation. Our goal is not just to offer a container space for your events but to curate moments that linger in the minds of your audience.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look at our projects 😉

No, We Do Not Only Sells “Container”

Let’s take a look at what our unit looks like when they’re blank to better understand why. They bear a resemblance to shipping containers. Hence, we’re trying to employ the term “modified shipping container” to facilitate your understanding of the concept behind our structure.

In this context, we’ve developed a series known as “SS,” which shares similar shapes and forms with traditional shipping containers. Notably, our units feature a hydraulic system that enables a unique method of opening.

We also have the “SSL” series, which, despite not closely resembling shipping containers, adopts a similar form when fully closed. Introducing a new addition to our lineup, the “Pop-up” series, offers a more budget-friendly option akin to the “SSL” series.

However, upon reviewing our past projects, you won’t find a typical shipping container. There’s nothing resembling it in appearance or feel. Instead, what you’ll discover is a mobile structure deployed to transcend an entire experience to your audience, perfectly tailored to reflect your brand image. When passersby or festival-goers encounter your brand activation, they won’t perceive it as just “another pop-up container.” Rather, they’ll become immersed in the activation, momentarily transported into the world of your brand.

Want to see more examples beyond our scope of work? Take a look at these pop-up examples. Our build for Birchbox is featured as number 17 😉

Yes, We Can Accomplish Nearly Everything Involving Shipping Containers for Your Events

What we offer goes far beyond simply selling or renting the unit to you; from designing the concept to managing the tour, we can assist you every step of the way. We are your partner when it comes to your brand activation. Whether it’s a one-day event or a multiple-stop tour, we can help you manage everything.

Here’s a brief overview of the areas where our expertise shines:

  • Conception & Design
  • Adaptable to any space
  • Flexible lead times & Off-the-shelf units available
  • Multi-stop tours, Transportation & Logistics
  • On-site management & Installation
  • Site scouting
  • Storage solutions
  • Fully customizable options

In essence, our solutions are meticulously tailored to meet your every requirement, ensuring that every aspect of your brand activation, from conception to execution, is flawlessly managed and executed to perfection.

Beyond Shipping Containers for Unforgettable Events

In conclusion, our offerings transcend the conventional perception of shipping containers for events. From customized designs to logistical support, we’re committed to being your comprehensive partner in brand activation. Our expertise spans conception and design, adaptable to any space with flexible lead times. We excel in managing multi-stop tours, transportation, logistics, on-site installation, and scouting suitable sites.

Additionally, we offer storage solutions and fully customizable options to meet your unique requirements. With our dedication to flexibility and tailored solutions, we’re equipped to handle every aspect of your event needs. So, whether it’s a one-day affair or a grand multi-stop tour, count on us to bring your vision to life. With our solutions, your brand activation will stand out as an immersive experience, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


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