Pop-up Coffee Bar at Revolve Festival

This is experiential marketing at its finest! Check out this amazing activation at REVOVLE festival for our pop-up coffee bar!

Pop-up Coffee bar - Great way to stay refreshed at any occasion

This time we partnered up with team revision to deploy and modify our nimble SSL8 to this colorful pop-up coffee bar under the desert sun.

While fans get to enjoy a great show with an amazing music lineup, they get to stop at the spotify booth for a refreshing drink. Many had the chance to choose the mixed flavor of their ice-cold drinks and coffee just like their Spotify playlist, The activation was a huge success!

Get Your Brand To Any Music Festival Out There

The Steel Space Lite 8 is the perfect unit for festivals like this one. It is so light that you can move it without our help! You can transport it just by using a pick-up or a SUV!

It can’t get more portable than it is! Fully branded, it can be open on each side. Perfect for your next tour, pop-up store or mobile bar!

What To Remember

At Steel Space Concepts, we like ideas like this one. Experiential marketing truly has its impact on visitors and our units give access to more people to live the experience.

This SSL8 is the perfect example of a fully mobile and easy to deploy container ready to activate at any music festival, even when it’s located in the desert! We are able to bring your ideas to more people!

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