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Vera Bradley Brand Experience

Vera Bradley, a popular brand for bags and accessories, went on a mobile tour in Florida to engage with its target audience. The tour featured a fully customized SSL16 unit that was wrapped with pink vinyl, customized flooring, and a top railing banner for high visibility. The tour aimed to create brand ambassadors and provide a memorable brand experience for local consumers.

Vera Bradley's All-Pink Mobile Tour: Engaging Local Consumers with a Customized SSL16 Unit

Have you ever seen an all-pink mobile structure? Well, we have one! Our team worked with Vera Bradley's marketing agency to create a fully customized unit for a mobile tour in Florida. The SSL16 unit was chosen, and we wrapped it with pink vinyl, added a top railing banner for high visibility, and customized the flooring to match the branding. The SSL16 was the perfect choice due to its ease of transportation and deployment. The tour made several stops at various university campuses before culminating at the Gators' game openers

Creating Brand Ambassadors through Interactive Brand Experiences: A Look at a Successful Tour Activation

The primary goal of the tour was to allow local consumers to become exclusive ambassadors for the brand. They could easily participate by filling out a form on an iPad and using the generated promo code to reshare content on their own social media platforms. While at the activation, consumers had the chance to play a skee-ball game and receive free, limited-edition handbags. It was a great way to interact with students and involve the community in the brand experience.

Pink Power: How a Customized Mobile Structure Elevated Vera Bradley's Brand Experience

Our fully customized and all-pink mobile structure was a hit with Vera Bradley’s target audience. The mobile tour successfully engaged with local consumers and created a memorable brand experience. With its unique design and versatility, the SSL16 unit provided the perfect platform for Vera Bradley to connect with their audience in a fun and interactive way.

Vera Bradley Brand Experience - What to Remember

The all-pink mobile structure proved to be a hit with Vera Bradley's target audience. The tour successfully engaged with local consumers, and the SSL16 unit provided the perfect platform for the brand to connect with its audience in a fun and interactive way. By creating brand ambassadors through interactive experiences like skee-ball games and limited-edition handbags, the tour activation provided a memorable brand experience that resonated with its audience. Overall, Vera Bradley's mobile tour was a success, thanks to its unique design, customized branding, and interactive experiences.

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