Container Event Space Takes NRF 2023 by Storm

We’re thrilled to announce our second collaboration with Shipt, the popular online grocery delivery service. Our team at Steel Space Concepts had the privilege of designing and executing another exciting container event space. The perfect brand activation for them! With the success of our previous partnership, we were eager to work with Shipt again and create an even more engaging and memorable experience for their customers.

Shipt's Unique Container Event Space Takes NRF 2023 by Storm

Shipt, a popular same-day delivery service, used one of our units for a unique and exciting container event space. Surely, the brand activation at the National Retail Federation's 2023 trade show made its impact. The activation featured a custom-designed container that showcased Shipt's branding and messaging in a dynamic and engaging way.

The container event space was a huge success, drawing in crowds of curious and interested visitors throughout the duration of the trade show.

Make Yourself at Home – Immersive Experience

The Shipt brand activation at the container event space showcased the convenience of everyday products you need, which can be ordered through Shipt. The space was designed to resemble every room of a house, providing an immersive experience for visitors. The cozy setup made it easy for people to explore the benefits of the company while feeling right at home.

Inside the unit, a dedicated room was installed where visitors could learn more about the brand and its services. Employees were on hand to answer questions and enlighten passersby. In addition, a terrace was set up on the roof where visitors could relax and chat with the staff, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind while being informed about Shipt.

Container Activation Takes Customer Engagement to the Next Level

Shipt’s creative use of the container as an immersive and interactive experience proved to be an effective way to engage with potential customers and spread awareness about their brand. By partnering with Steel Space Concepts, Shipt was able to create a memorable and impactful activation that left a lasting impression on attendees and helped them stand out in a crowded and competitive space.

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