Porsche mobile showroom - What’s behind the finished product…

Porsche is all about experience for their current car owners & future clients. Parked on the track, right where the action is!
The brand wanted to bring people together in a time of social distancing.

What’s behind the finished product…

The Porsche mobile showroom totally changed the test-driving experience perspective on this one.

After a hiatus, Porsche approached Steel Space Concepts looking for an innovative outdoor solution for its driving experience clients on the track. Placing a racing sim, as well as a registration and waiting area, Porsche utilized Steel Space’s turnkey 40′ unit with full branding options.

Porsche mobile showroom was the perfect solution for social distancing, health, safety protocols and functioned perfectly in conjunction with the launch of Porsche’s new 911 GT3 and Taycan Cross Turismo EV. The solution made test-driving accessible to more potential clients!

Porsche car quality & Steel Space worked perfectly together

SS40 v.i.p area, strong presence

Our standard SS series comes with a full opening option, in this case, Porsche decided to close the back to create a back wall closure for a better feel of the welcome area.

Coffee counter, sim rigs & TV’s, this project was a nice blend of the current vibe in the dealerships but in a mobile direction.

Dealership on the track

One of the main goals was to bring a dealership experience to the racetrack. To fully try a car like Porsche, you want to bring the best out of them.

Sim rig’s gave the opportunity to some of the younger people to try the feel of the GT3.

After some excitement on the track, you could relax with a coffee on the second floor and watch other people try the cars out.

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