Pop-Up Lounge of Lincoln - The Luxury Vehicle Brand Takes Over NYC

The Steel Space 40 container unit deployed on Seaport Square, at Pier 17, served as an information hub and was active throughout the summer. It was the perfect pop-up lounge!

Encourage Custom Test-drive Experiences

This activation brought to Lincoln’s fans and prospective customers: Headspace meditation experiences, custom test-drive experiences and first looks at some of the newest vehicles in the brand’s lineup.

The challenges faced by the brand was to create a buzz and build awareness around new and refreshed Lincoln vehicle models. The team chose to deploy a Steel Space Concepts activation unit at Pier 17 for Lincoln’s Summer House event in NYC, reaching out to clients via their test-drive experience. The pop-up lounge was a nice touch, making the experience of their clients even better.

Pop-Up Lounge - Quick and easy deployment on any surface

Our shipping container pop up shops dramatically reduce the set-up time for events. All our units are equipped with hydraulic and electrical systems. They can lift themselves on and off trailers. All the doors of the units can be controlled by a central control room. As a result, retailers require far less manpower to activate and maintain their unit during an event.

Note that our shipping container units are also completely secure, as well as resistant to the elements so your merchandise stays safe.

A Lasting Impression

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a robust, reliable, and durable deployment system.. Our experiential units can be modified and adapted to any surface and activation.

With two lounges equipped with sofas, tables and chairs, a flavored beverage service area and a concierge desk, visitors felt invited to interact with Lincoln’s activation leaving a lasting impression.

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