Pop-up Container Terrace

The SEMA 2022 Hoonigan Burnyard, presented by Ebay Motors, featured a stunning pop-up container terrace. This 2022 edition marked a significant milestone in the brand’s history, boasting the largest gathering of Hoonigan enthusiasts to date. Starting from a small spot resembling a pizza slice, the event expanded to utilize an SS40 second floor, providing a panoramic view of the exhilarating cars hooning all day. The pop-up container terrace is a project that demands attention, combining style and functionality.

SEMA Show & The Famous Outdoor Spot

The SEMA Show, known for its specialization in the car customization industry, unfolds annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada. Accessible exclusively to professionals in the automobile industry or employees of relevant companies, SEMA showcases the latest trends and innovations.

However, the outdoor spot within SEMA is where the real excitement takes place, attracting fans from all walks of life. This outdoor section serves as a hub for thrilling activities, from after-parties to exhilarating ride-alongs in powerful vehicles. It’s the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts seeking unforgettable experiences.

Custom SS40 for Merch & V.I.P. Seating

Hoonigan, renowned for their adrenaline-fueled burnouts, consistently delivers unparalleled performances. Their collaboration with Ebay Motors resulted in the creation of a remarkable pop-up container terrace, serving as a platform to showcase parts available on the Ebay Motors website. Aligned with their popular YouTube channel, Hoonigan also exhibited their own meticulously crafted vehicles at the terrace.

The Impact of A Customized Pop-Up Container Terrace

The versatility of the pop-up container terrace, specifically the SS40, facilitated its seamless integration with various brands within the Wheel Pros family. Moreover, its fully open configuration and convenient 90-degree stairs ensured easy accessibility for visitors. At the end of each day, the hydraulic system effortlessly closed the doors, ready to start anew the next morning.

The Full Event Reel

The Hoonigan Burnyard event, beautifully captured in a full event reel, showcased the pop-up container terrace as a central attraction. The Wheel Pros team intends to utilize this versatile unit for numerous upcoming events in the coming months. While you may have encountered the unit elsewhere under different brands or themes, its presence at SEMA was truly a sight to behold. If you wish to delve deeper into the on-site experience, I encourage you to watch the video linked below. 

Additionally, you can always check the SEMA website to determine your eligibility to attend the show and explore the remarkable pop-up container terrace firsthand.

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