Playstation outdoor game room

Bringing the game to the players. When Playstation approached us for a plug and play solution for their outdoor game room, we delivered an immersive gaming experience that would leave festival-goers pressing “play” again and again.

Putting Exclusive Games to the Test 

The Playstation Outdoor Game Room at Osheaga Music Festival was an innovative and interactive marketing solution that brought gaming to a large crowd.

In partnership with Playstation, we created an outdoor game room where festival-goers could not only try out the latest console, but also got the chance to give a try to new online games while relaxing on comfortable benches, watching their gameplay on large TV screens. The event attracted thousands of festival-goers. Our solution was a huge hit!

Thinking outside the box

Using modified shipping containers, companies like Playstation can extend their target market beyond their normal boundaries. The unique and diverse customizations of our units allow limitless location flexibility, making it possible to set up the game room virtually anywhere. By bringing the experience directly to customers, companies can attract new clients and encourage consumer interaction with their products. Nothing beats trying before buying! Additionally, our solution can easily be activated for future marketing campaigns.

In today's digital age, people crave immersive experiences, and providing them with such experiences is key to building brand loyalty. The game room was an excellent opportunity for festival-goers to engage with Playstation's products and services, allowing them to create a lasting impression that could translate into sales and increased brand awareness.

Experiential marketing - Standing out in a crowded market

This project was a fantastic example of interactive marketing at its finest. By providing customers with a unique experience and an opportunity to get comfortable while trying out unreleased games, companies can engage with their target market in a way that traditional advertising cannot. This concept was a huge success and proved that using our units for experiential marketing is a powerful way for companies to stand out in a crowded market.

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