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Lands' End Personal Shopping Experience Tour with Shipping Container

Lands’ End brought a new level of personal shopping experience to customers with their boutique mobile retail space. How they did it? By utilizing a SS40 recycled shipping container, along with a dedicated truck driver. Our unit was used for a tour that made stops in four different cities. In the previous year, this same SS40 unit had traveled to six different cities in just three weeks!

#GetawayTour - Boutique Mobile Retail Space

Known as the #GetawayTour boutique, the unit's interior was designed to resemble a beach house, complete with white wooden finished flooring, branding, and sand dunes.

The unit was equipped with custom walls on wheels to provide more merchandising options, as well as changing rooms to allow customers to try on different clothes. Shelving and mannequins were also incorporated to create a fully functional and mobile retail space.

Bringing the Boutique Experience on the Road with #GetawayTour

With the help of Steel Space Concepts, Lands' End was able to create a trendy and inviting retail space that offered customers the same personal shopping experience as a high-end swimsuit boutique. The Lands' End professional swim fit experts took measurements and promised to fit women with the perfect swimsuit.

After finding the right swimsuit style, customers were able to order their swimwear on-site at the Lands' End #GetawayTour boutique or online, via iPad, on the company's website.

On the Go with Our Versatile SS40 Unit

By utilizing the innovative and versatile SS40 unit, Lands’ End was able to bring the benefits of a personal shopping experience to customers in multiple cities. The mobile nature of the unit allowed for easy transport and setup, making it the perfect solution for a traveling boutique.

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