Custom-branded retail space

Herschel, a lifestyle brand from Canada, partnered with Steel Space Concepts to design a custom-branded retail space with one of our SSLite8 unit for the MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC. The brand offers a variety of products, including backpacks, duffle bags, and totes.

Baseball, Fans & Backpacks – Retail Space

This is a great example of bringing your product to the game. Herschel understood that potential customers would be present at the MLB All-Star Game, making it the perfect opportunity to raise brand awareness.

Their objective was to create a one-of-a-kind retail space to showcase their backpacks featuring MLB teams while also generating excitement and encouraging customers to purchase their products.

Interactive and Visually-enticing Experience

By leveraging our SSL8 container, brands can design immersive experiential marketing campaigns that are both visually appealing and interactive for all age groups.

Herschel incorporated a reusable bag stamping machine within their SSlite8 unit to entice visitors, offering a complimentary bag stamped with the MLB All-Star Game and Herschel logos.

The unit’s placement near the food truck rest area also allowed Herschel to capitalize on high traffic volume. Sports enthusiasts are often willing to spend more to acquire branded or specialized products, and crave unique experiences that bring them together with like-minded fans.

Unforgettable Retail Space

In summary, Herschel’s partnership with Steel Space Concepts enabled the brand to achieve their goal of creating an unforgettable retail space that offered an interactive shopping experience.

The brand’s focus on designing a visually appealing and immersive space ensured that potential customers were engaged and left with a lasting impression of the Herschel brand.

By prioritizing customer experience and strategic placement of the SSlite8 unit, Herschel was able to maximize traffic and capitalize on the popularity of the MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC.

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