Event Pop-up Retail Space and Podcast Studio

In 2023, the ONE Music Fest in Atlanta made history by attracting over 100,000 participants to Piedmont Park. This two-day extravaganza featured dynamic performances across three stages, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Our event’s pop-up retail experience, a collaborative effort between our team, Matrix MKTG, and Backwoods, provided a custom space for selling retail products from Backwoods. The retail space also included a panel for artists to engage in discussions during a podcast held specifically for the event.

Event Pop-up Retail Space and Podcast Studio Under the Same Roof

Transform your merchandising experience with the Steel Space Lite 32′. In this specific build, our structure not only provides an ideal space for showcasing merchandise but also doubles as a podcast studio for 85 South. This elevates their brand presence by seamlessly integrating the two functionalities, allowing them to engage with their audience through unique retail experiences and captivating podcast sessions.

With its innovative design and ample space, the event pop-up retail offers a dynamic platform for both selling merchandise and recording compelling podcasts, creating a multifaceted and engaging environment for their audience.

Stand Out At Your Next Music Festival

The integration of event pop-up retail and mobile podcast studios at music festivals marks a transformative approach to enhancing the overall festival experience. These versatile structures not only serve as unique hubs for merchandising but also present an opportunity to amplify engagement through on-the-go podcast production. The fusion of commerce and content creation within the dynamic festival setting showcases a forward-thinking strategy that resonates with the diverse audience.

Would you like to replicate a build similar to this one? Contact us today and speak with one of our representatives to see how we can simplify your next event.

Redefining Experiential Marketing

This innovative convergence not only elevates brand presence but also contributes to the immersive and dynamic nature of music festivals, leaving a lasting impression on festival-goers and redefining the boundaries of experiential marketing in the vibrant realm of live music events.

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