Coke Studio

Double-decker container booth for Coke Studio

Get ready to showcase your talent at Coke Studio—a double-decker container booth we designed for three different festivals!

Let’s explore how Momentum was able to incorporate A.I, rooftop elements, and refreshing drinks to enhance the Coca-Cola experience within our unit!

Double-Decker Container Booth

Momentum approached us to create a structure inspired by those developed by Coke Studio in the U.S. The double-decker container booth needed to feature two recording studios, a console room for a tech team, and a terrace where people could wait, bask in the sun, and enjoy a refreshing drink.

To recreate this unique build, we utilized one of our 40’ containers and custom-designed it to ensure everything seamlessly fit within the allotted space. Festival-goers were delighted at each event, experiencing a perfect blend of fun, music, and positive vibes. The success of the build was evident across all three festivals, solidifying its impact on creating memorable and enjoyable moments.

Coke Studio's Unforgettable Fusion of Technology and Music at Festivals

Momentum’s vision for Coke Studio extended beyond a physical structure; they aimed to create an experience that seamlessly blended with the creative spirit of music festivals.

The incorporation of two AI-powered recording studios showcased an innovative approach to music creation, enabling festival-goers to collaborate with artificial intelligence in crafting their unique sound. Undoubtedly, this concept left a lasting impression on both the performers and the audience.

The Impact of a Double-Decker Container Booth at Festivals

When hosting a pop-up at a festival, it’s easy to miss your chance to be seen amidst the multitude of pop-ups surrounding your booth. The double-decker container booth made it possible to maximize the vertical space, optimizing the square footage that Coca-Cola had at each festival.

By incorporating a large sign at the top of the terrace, we ensured that the pop-up was impossible to overlook. Festivalgoers knew exactly where to go for a refreshing drink and a shaded place to relax.

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