Bloomia Pop-up Store

All proceeds from the flowers sold at the Bloomia Market went to DC Central Kitchen, a nationally recognized community kitchen that recycles food around Washington, DC. In addition to providing thousands of meals for local service agencies! We parterned with them to create a pop-up store.

This is what we call Human nature.

What’s behind the finished product…

Bloomia worked with Steel Space Concepts to create the Bloomia Market, a unique and personalized mobile market! The choice of a SSLite8 was to focus on the feasibility & price point of the size. Bloomia had the flexibility to fit in different parking lots or key location with a smaller pop-up market.

Bloomia was able to project a modern image with the unit look of the unit. A perfect solution to bring out its high-end products. During the DC activation, the store featured their unique bouquets carefully assembled as well as their partner vase collections.

In addition to being an effective mobile marketing space, a unique chance was offered by our turnkey: the perfect solution for the company to meet and listen to their clients’ opinion about flowers and floral products.

The definition of Pop-up store

The pop-up store can be easily customized for the company’s marketing campaigns and events. Less is more in this case, it’s all about the product!

Mobile Garden + Pop-up shop = Bloomia

It provides an innovative platform for their promotional activities. Bloomia is planning to use this mobile pop-up store across the country, hence the reason they’ve worked with us.

Garden on the street

Focus on the product with minimal branding was the best approach for this type of activation. You know a pop-up is a success when, after several years, it’s still relevant to the eyes of customers.

There’s a different perspective of merchandising when it’s something more natural. Plants are for sure a more challenging product to showcase.

Bloomia was successful from the focus point to get people's attention where it needed to be.

Next project

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Double-decker container booth for Coke Studio

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