What is Experiential Marketing with Shipping Containers?

Published on: December 2, 2022

Written by: Steel Space Concepts

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Experiential marketing, also known as xm marketing or engagement marketing, is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and encourages them to participate in a brand experience. It provides prospects or customers with real-life experiences to raise awareness, build understanding, or increase sales of products or services. This is exactly what we are doing, experiential marketing with shipping containers.

Unlike traditional or online marketing efforts, experiential marketing is a uniquely fast and effective way to build awareness through face-to-face connections with consumers. It engages all five senses, sparking emotions that form lasting memories which have been shown to drive brand loyalty.

Why Use Shipping Containers for your next pop-up?

What is a pop-up shop? A pop-up shop is where a company temporarily takes over a physical space for a short time to showcase or sell its goods and services. Creative agencies are always looking for new and exciting ways to create lasting memories and experiences around their events. 

A not-so-new, but more recent trend gaining ground in the events industry, is that of pop-up events. Short-term rentals are becoming easier and quicker to come by, giving pop-up events the ability to grow within the events market. Pop-up events are growing in number and size, but they aren’t necessarily a new concept. Consider Halloween costume stores: they “pop-up” right around Halloween and then they’re gone in a blink of an eye. The same concept of a pop-up store is being implemented in the events industry.

Experiential marketing with shipping containers is ideal for events as they allow marketers to easily deliver stages, merchant booths, retail pop up, and more to the event. You can use them in several ways from a simple backdrop that is ultra-modern and edgy, to display cases and from pop-up shops to venues. Because they can be modified and branded with endless possibilities, the applications for use of the containers can create a specific venue just about anywhere or be used to complement the venue you choose for your event. Some common uses include:

  • Information kiosks
  • Brand awareness
  • Welcome stands
  • Pop up restaurants, bars, or lounges
  • Sound and photo booths
  • Mobile offices
  • Pop up retail shop
  • Art installations/galleries
  • And many more.

You can see more example of experiential marketing with shipping containers on this blog!

Modified shipping containers are popular due to their versatility, sustainability, and industrial appearance. They can be picked up and transported virtually anywhere, giving your brand the power to reach its target audience. The trend of shipping containers is here to stay and has become a marketing tool for businesses. Companies around the world are taking this innovative approach to help drive their brand’s message to the masses.

Why doing experiential marketing with shipping containers for your next tour can help your brand?

For many marketers, the COVID-19 pandemic seemed like the end of experiential marketing. Once seen as an integral part of any marketing plan, the sudden inability for people to be out in the world forced the cancellation of most events, activations, and other experiential campaigns. Now, as most countries are starting to reopen brands and marketers are strategizing their return to experiential tours. 

One of the first requirements of any event is selecting the right venue. A Mobile Tour gives you the ability to create a venue wherever best suits your needs. Your venue could be as simple as a branded pop-up tent, vehicle or mobile container. Mobile tours allow you to go to where your consumers naturally gravitate. Be it the beach, sport stadiums, college campus, or music festivals, you can go to them. Aligning product purpose and value with the right moments for sampling the product is key to success.

Shipt pop-up container full of attendees during an event

Why is SSC ideal for your next activation?

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a robust, reliable, and durable product. Our experiential units can be modified and adapted to the needs of each client offering customization in terms of its structure, design, and technology.

1 – Mobility

As a retailer you need to connect with customers, potentially in multiple locations. We have multiple sizes and models which can cater to your needs. Our SSLite series units, a favorite among our clients, are small enough to be transported by a light truck, are completely self-contained and are equipped with built-in electrical systems for accessories. They take the headaches out of transporting your mobile shop between events.

2 – Ease of Deployment & Security

If you have limited time to deploy for an event, our pop-up shop solutions can fix that problem. Our shipping container pop up shops dramatically reduce the set-up time for events. All our units are equipped with hydraulic and electrical systems. They can lift themselves on and off trailers. All the doors of the units can be controlled by a central control room. As a result, retailers require far less manpower to activate and maintain their unit during an event. Note that our shipping container units are also completely secure, as well as resistant to the elements so your merchandise stays safe.

3 – Customizability

We can also customize units to your exact specifications. We can add additional electronics, change flooring materials, add external and internal branding, add clothing racks and more. Note that we can also make more dramatic changes including changing materials and building one-off structures. Depending on the size of the project you will have it ready in weeks and simply loaded and delivered to your location where you simply plug and play.

Experiential marketing with shipping containers - What to remember?

In conclusion, experiential marketing has become an increasingly popular approach for brands to engage with their customers and create memorable experiences. By creating immersive environments and interactive events, brands can generate emotional connections with their audiences, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales. To succeed in experiential marketing, it is crucial for brands to understand their target audience, create authentic and meaningful experiences, and leverage technology to enhance their events. With the rise of digital platforms and social media, experiential marketing has become more important than ever in building strong brand identities and forging lasting relationships with customers.

Our shipping container solution makes it even more easier for your brand to get in touch with new customers. Creating long lasting relationship with them takes times, how about starting now? Contact us for more info about our solutions!


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