Temporary Office Space – Another Solution for Brand Awareness.

Published on: February 21, 2023

Written by: Steel Space Concepts

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Some businesses require a full-time office space, while others only need a physical presence from time to time. What if we told you that your offices could have a public presence, an impressive impact as well as provide an outstanding work experience for your employees? That’s what our temporary office space are able to do. But first, what is the temporary office space definition? Many aspects can define a temporary office space. They also can have many purposes and be executed in various ways. They are an effective asset to any company, and they build brand loyalty for business who want presence in public.

Temporary office space definition

Basically, a temporary office space is an office rented for a determined amount of time that is shorter than a typical lease. It is an office that is designed to keep the benefits of a standard workspace with the possibility to put it anywhere you want. It can also be in different demographics. Standard offices are usually inside buildings, while temporary workspaces don’t need to be. Depending on the structure used for the short-term office, it can be located in various scenarios. This is what we can do with our modified shipping container.

Workers inside a mobile container as an office space

What is the purpose of temporary office space?

A temporary office space has various purposes. Here are some of the most important ones:

Brand awareness

Yes, you can increase your brand visibility while providing an exceptional work experience to your employees. Our shipping containers are modified to your brand image, allowing for increased visibility. It’s impossible for passers-by not to notice you. Plus, you can perfectly showcase your work ethic. An aspect that buyers are placing more and more importance on when making a purchase decision.

Create a work event for your remote employees

Adding a temporary office for the busiest quarters of the year can be a good option. It’s a great way to create an enriching work experience for your employees. Many companies operate remotely, it is a good way to allow your employees to meet in person to work outdoors. Bonding with colleagues is very important and working remotely can sometimes make this more difficult. A temporary office space made from shipping containers is a solution to bring together employees who don’t see each other often.

You need an additional room for meetings and conferences

Building an additional room in a permanent office can be quite challenging, finding another permanent office also can be, that is when you might want to consider renting a temporary office. You might not need that room for so long and other options require permanent change.

Your office needs to be mobile

Some businesses operate nationwide and need a mobile office for the duration of their trips and tours. Renting an office at each destination can be some challenging research. That is when moving the office with you becomes the best option. Some temporary offices are mobile, like modified containers and they can be repurposed into offices.

What Is an Example of Temporary Office Space?

A good example would be the outside workspace we did with L.L. Bean. We partnered with L.L Bean, who is an outdoor clothing retailer to produce an outside workspace for employees. They used this temporary office space to promote that working shouldn’t put a barrier on being outside and active. How we did it? By adding a meeting room inside the unit along with an outdoor activation area. The experience was coupled with armchairs, coffee tables and an active workspace with stationary bikes. Everything needed for an outdoor meeting room! To this date, this project is still a huge hit for us!

Our modified shipping containers are mobile units designed to fit the business’s brand. They can be deployed in most circumstances and host a workspace for any business on the road. It can also be used for businesses that are often on the road and needing a place to host meetings, conferences, work on current projects etc. These offices can be rented for the duration of the trips and modified to fit the wanted looks. They also can be used as a marketing tool while on transit. Branding the temporary office with the company’s logo and colours gives the brand presence at every location of their tour or trip. It will most definitely catch the public’s eye and spark some interest.

Mobile office space full of people for L.L. Bean

How Effective Are Temporary Office Space?

A temporary office space can be an effective asset to any business. As mentioned previously there are many purposes that have been proven effective to many businesses in the past. We have proved how effective container offices can be with the L.L Bean workspace project. The unit was fully branded and modified to create an outside workspace for employees. The campaign was definitely a success. Consumers noticed the presence of the container and the marketing solution was communicated in an economically-efficient way.

How Temporary Office Space Builds Brand Loyalty?

Temporary office spaces can build brand loyalty by different ways. They can be branded with the company’s colours and logo. They also can be outside where the public can see them. This way the public feel like the brand is accessible as well as down to earth.  While these companies work in a structure that represents their brand, they also broadcast to the public who they are and that brings credibility. In a world where everybody is seen online, seeing a business working in the open reminds their audience and clients what represents them.

Final thoughts

To conclude a temporary office space can be useful to any company. It has many purposes, and its flexibility can accommodate most businesses. One of the best examples of these offices is the mobile office. As described it checks everything that you’re looking for in a temporary workspace. They are also an effective asset for businesses that want to build brand loyalty and be present in the public.


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