Volvo Mobile Showroom at Fika Lounge

FIKA. Meet, greet, relax, grab a coffee with a friend at Volvo mobile showroom FIKA lounge! Integrated into Volvo’s overall marketing strategy, a fully branded pop-up was activated alongside 2 demo vehicles from their refreshed lineup.

Activated in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, a high-traffic, cultural district, the goal of the campaign was to increase awareness of Volvo’s vehicle lineup. Nonetheless, the goal was clearly acheived with their Volvo mobile showroom! A 20′ turnkey hydraulic unit was used, fully branded and equipped with a built-in coffee shop.

With a mini lounge area, a selection of coffee, an ideal location and high-impact branding, clients were welcomed to interact with Volvo in order to leave a lasting impression.

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