Massage Chairs, Music and Aromatherapy

Clients were invited to enter the mobile massage salon which was equipped with industry leading massage chairs, as well as music and aromatherapy. The beauty of it, a mounted iPad was controlling everything! Furthermore, transforming the unit into a fully functional mobile massage salon at the push of a button was a success! This is all thanks to its easy to use opening and leveling hydraulic system.

A Mobile Massage Salon And A Changing Room

After visiting that first relaxation area, the second space was accessible to visitors. Which served as Vanity Fair’s boutique and featured its latest collection. Clients were able to try any of the products in the enclosed changing room. In addition of this small pop-up store, an interactive photo booth enabled visitors to take Instagram pictures. Making possible to visitors to share their experience coupled with a beautiful Vanity Fair backdrop! Our innovative pop-up stores solution offer a great range of customization and upgrades!

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