Shipt National Tour

Shipt national retail experience tour

As part of a larger branding and experiential marketing campaign, Shipt made use of a modified 20′ Steel Space unit for their national tour. Focusing on retail and stopping at high-traffic locations in major city centers, a turnkey unit was deployed and activated as a retail pop-up for the purpose of increasing awareness of Shipt’s delivery services. The unit made use of a rooftop terrace, a small lounge photo section for the public. They made full use of interior and external branding when activated and while on the road between locations. It was perfect for encouraging participation as well as engagement.


The benefits of Steel Space 20

Shipt on the Road

Our shipping container pop up shops dramatically reduce the set-up time for events. All our units are equipped with hydraulic and electrical systems. They can lift themselves on and off trailers. All the doors of the units can be controlled by a central control room. As a result, retailers require far less manpower to activate and maintain their unit during an event. Note that our shipping container units are also completely secure, as well as resistant to the elements so your merchandise stays safe.


Whats to remember about this retail experience tour

This is a great example of how customizable our containers are. We can add additional electronics, change flooring materials, add external and internal branding, add furnitures and more. Note that we can also make more dramatic changes including changing materials and building one-off structures. Depending on the size of the project you will have it ready in weeks and simply loaded and delivered to your location where you simply plug and play.

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