A less expensive pop up bar solution

During the day, visitors could enjoy a refreshing drink on the second level terrace of the Red Bull pop up bar, while relaxing on the comfy sofas. In the evening, the area transformed into a trendy party spot with a central bar and DJ. After spending the day mountain biking, hiking, camping or golfing, visitors were also welcomed to check out the beautiful panoramic mountain views from the mezzanine level.

From building brand awareness to boosting sales, this less expensive pop up bar solution helped Red Bull maximise their capital and create hype around their brand. It also enabled them to expose new potential clients to their products by selling drinks and cocktails made with Red Bull at the bar. During this type of events, staff members can even collect quick and qualitative product feedback on the spot, which is usually not possible when selling the product in retail stores. The brand also took advantage of the free traffic generated by the proximity of Mont Sainte-Anne during the busy summer period. After all, location is the most important component of an experiential activation. Finding the best location to reach your target audience is key to the success of your campaign. If you want to reach out to your target demographic, you must know where they shop, play, eat and… Drink!

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