Mobile showroom at Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

We produced this massive, but yet mobile display! By using two of our SS20 units to promote the newly released Polestar 2 at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. We positioned both containers face-to-face to create a mobile showroom. We built a custom interior with high quality backlit displays, in addition with a minimalistic branding. The mobile showroom attracted a lot of passerby with two Polestar cars being displayed. As a result of our mobile showroom, Polestar was able to promote their Polestar 2 in places they wouldn’t be able in normal time. Additionally, our easy activation solution on site made it simple for Polestar to show their product.

A Cleaner Environment for all!

Polestar is determined to improve the society we live in, using design and tech to accelerate the change to sustainable, electric mobility. Their goal is to help create a sustainable society like Steel Space Concepts. For every project, Steel Space Concepts will plant trees to diminish the carbon footprint of every activation. Making possible to create a cleaner environment for all. See how we do it here!

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