Tasting Bar in a Retractable Structure

We custom-built a tasting bar for the Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge! The tasting bar had interactive flat screen displays and IPad registration stations. Customers took the test using interactive surface tables. We were also asked to prepare 2 LITE units complete with custom trailers to promote products at multiple locations all across the nation, but on a smaller scale. The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge was a huge success with the mobile tasting bar being able to travel easily!

The Tasting Bar Across 18,000 km!

With its custom branded trailer and truck for high impact visual during travel, the main unit travelled more than 18,000 km over a 4-month period. The units were able to visite more than 30 different locations! On the beach, at the park, at festivals, concerts and other main events, The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge was always the main attraction! It’s easy to say that people who took on the Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge enjoyed their experience!

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