The Park at Wrigley

Incorporating the design elements of the The Park at Wrigley would be pivotal for this project’s success as they would be permanent fixtures within Wrigleyville for years to come. The overall experience of the container bar was such a success because of the seamless design that was accomplished for this project


Container Bar – For Events, Festivals, On the Street… Anywhere?

Yes! We can deploy our container bar anywhere you want to! In this project, the container bar was deployed in The Park at Wrigley. We also did lots of festivals and events that needed a temporary bar activation. One of our advantage is the easy to deploy system we offer and mobile solution. See our shipping container modification activation ready series to learn more about our products. Also, our shipping container can be custom to your needs. For this project, we did a 360-degree mobile service bar. But we can also adjust this to your need! You have an activation in a close area? We can make it so visitors have to go inside the unit.

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