4 Indoor/Outdoor Meeting Space For Google Play Music

Meeting Space – Indoor and Outdoor!

Steel Space Concepts provided 4 custom built containers for Google Play employees. They are use as conference room to hold meetings and has a bar/lounge area to serve drinks and light snacks to the attendees. Exterior elements were added to compliment the meeting spaces for this successful activation! Nonetheless, we are happy to see Google Play using our meeting space on a daily! Employees sure enjoys having meeting space accessible indoor and outdoor.

At Steel Space Concepts, we like ideas like this one that makes us think outside the box. The units are well designed so they accomodate every thing you need in a meeting. They can also be used as coworking space! Isolated of outside noise, perfect for brainstorming with colleagues.

You like the idea of having a indoor or outdoor easy to move meeting space? Look at this one we did! passerby were interested enough for it to be a real success!