Old Port of Montreal

We partnered with Lincoln to create a unique experience for the promotion of their new 2023 Lincoln Aviator! The Lincoln Sanctuary pop up immersive experience offered an immersive sensory experience. As well as allowing consumers to experience the comfort, serenity and luxury of the vehicule. The experience included complimentary yoga sessions and premium freebies as well as massage, aromatherapy, meditation and hot beverage stations. In addition of the activation, the pop up immersive experience lead to such of view! See the picture for yourself!

Pop up immersive experience is the way to go!

How should you attract potential customers? By going to them! The pop up is always a good solution to bring product awareness. Visitors of the unit enjoyed their time and the freebies made their experience worth it. Surely, people were interested to look at the car after living such an experience in the unit! Passerbys were incline to go inside and try the luxury of the car for free!

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