Historical Hub of Local Innovation

Both organizations celebrated the launch of this festival and limited-edition beers along with sixteen American brewers. The event took place at Brooklyn’s Duggal Green House, a site situated within a historical hub of local innovation in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. All proceeds of the event helped support NYC neighborhoods by creating greener, more sustainable communities.

Steel Space Concepts created a unique and personalized tasting lounge using a 40’ modified container. The event setup included an outdoor area with scheduled tastings where SSC’s SS40 modified container were deployed at the end of the Brooklyn’s Navy Yard pier. Visitors enjoyed beer samples from Jameson’s brewery partners and Jameson whiskey, and had an exclusive opportunity to taste Jameson x Captain Lawrence’s collaboration beer “Transatlantic Red”. Guests also had the chance to join Jameson Head of Whiskey, Dave Quinn, for education sessions and to see live performances by various groups and local artists.

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