Outdoor laboratory for new ways to communicate

Over the course of the past hundred years, Times Square has become an outdoor laboratory for new ways to communicate and advertise as with this new mega screen. This huge digital billboard runs nearly the length of a football field from 45th to 46th street along Broadway. The display is made up of 24 million pixels and it is the highest resolution LED screen of its size in the world!

Google proposes to all passers-by to use Google’s Androidify app on Android and iOS to create their own Android character to play with on the big screen using their smartphones. The exterior of the Steel Space 40 was used to create a giant custom staircase and viewing platform with 4 Kinect stations and the interior was used as a station to create custom T-shirts with each person’s newly created Android character. The Steel Space 20 served as the Android Avatar station where each patron entered the space and was able to print a photo image of their Avatar. The units were used in a new and unique way to build the ultimate entertainment structure.