Quality Meals to the F1 Team Members

The high-end container kitchens used to serve quality meals to the F1 team members, were supplied with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure service rapidity and quality.

The units were made to meet the security, functionality and mobility needs specific to this unique event. The container kitchens were installed behind the paddocks at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, in a highly secured VIP area where pilots, F1 team members, stars and other handpicked visitors had exclusive access. Security was a very important aspect of the project. Our modified containers are made of safe and robust structures which protect against intruders and bad weather (waterproof) and offer secured storage.

Modified shipping containers offer flexible configurations and unlimited layouts. In this project, each container kitchen was equipped with counters, washbasins, stove tops, work tables, refrigerators and complete cabinetry and shelving, to create a comfortable and well-organized work space for kitchen employees. An efficient ventilation system improved the flow of fresh air and helped prevent condensation and odor issues. At the event, the container kitchens were attached to a large tent which hosted the members of the various Formula 1 teams.
Steel Space Concepts’ container kitchens ensure fast, easy and cost-effective transportation of all the cooking equipment. They provide flexible and effortless handling, as well as quick onsite deployment with minimal staff. With modified containers, all the stored equipment is moved when the container is moved, which saves our clients time and money. In addition, shipping containers can be easily shipped locally or worldwide at lower costs than other types of crates.