Mutek Music Festival

For the event, Steel Space Concepts transformed a steel SS20 container into a hip mobile restaurant which was set up downtown at the Place de la Paix. It was coupled with a DJ, music and everything you need to keep the crowds coming. A unique opportunity for Montrealers to have a drink as well as discover these renowned local chefs!


Mobile restaurant – Infinite possibility!

Our solutions provides infinite possibility! We can bring our units everywhere you need to! Festival, event, street food, we can do it all! It’s the perfect opportunity to have a contact with potential customers. Having trouble getting customers into your restaurant? Why don’t you go see them instead? Have an impact, build trust and visitors will talk about your restaurant. As you can see, the mobile restaurant was full and people loved it! Having a nice installation that works gets the attention of passerbys and it’s the perfect way for you to be known. Consequently, more people will come to your restaurant!

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