Cutting-edge Supersonic Dyson Hairdryer

Our mobile salon solution is a great way for visitors to try the new product themselves. You’ve already guessed the beauty of it? We are able to bring the product to potential customers! Festivals, event venues or on the street, our turnkey solution are perfect for product awereness! Well branded and well furnished, of course the unit was a huge success!

A Mobile Salon to Sell Products Everywhere!

For this mobile salon, stylish individual hair salon stations were integrated into an shipping container unit, providing a sizeable promotional space. An exterior staircase also led to a mezzanine where visitors could take time to enjoy the surrounding views. Hence, the perfect moment for visitors to learn more about Dyson’s new product! In addition to the unit, social media was also integrated into the mobile salon. As a result, it was a huge hit at every tour stop!

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