Adding social media component to modified container

To create a buzz and awareness around these new products, DQ decided to set up a branded modified shipping container in Union Square Park, NYC.

The SS20 unit had all the necessary tools and equipment to heat and serve the snacks to visitors, as well as cutting-edge technology which enabled clients to create and share personalized GIFs on social media. The activation attracted more than 1,500 fans to sample the new menu. To extend and amplify their clients’ experience, DQ added a social media component to their modified shipping container experiential marketing campaign by partnering with Mashable. Visitors were able to share created GIFs  on their social channels using the hashtag #SnackMeDQ.

A converted shipping container was a great way to create hype around Dairy Queen. Exclusivity and time-sensitivity are key aspects of modified shipping container campaigns. Attract new potential clients by setting up a modified container at a strategic location!