Invite passersby to stop

An SS20 unit was used to build a mobile bar where visitors could explore all the ways they can enjoy cocktails made with Coke. The sleek and modern unit was fully furnished with tables, chairs, umbrellas and a bistro area where visitors could take a break and enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola drink. An SS10 unit was also transformed into a fashion photo booth with a suspended spherical chair and 3D bubbles in connection with the drink’s bubbles.

The units were setup in a public place in Buford, Atlanta, to invite passersby to stop, relax and have a refreshing drink. Setting up their converted containers in such a location let Coca-Cola enjoy free visitor traffic. Pop-up bars are a great way to create hype around a brand. The photo booth was a great solution to prompt clients to share their experience on social media and create a buzz around the brand online. This campaign allowed the business to interact with customers in person and to educate visitors on all the ways they can enjoy Coke.