Summer festivals

The 4-month tour of BudLight attracted visitors in record numbers at events! And who says event says festival bar! The unit visited events such as the Montreal Grand Prix, UFC Fight Night in Calgary as well as festivals such as Osheaga MTL and the Toronto Festival of Beer. As you can tell, the festival bar was jam-packed and very popular throughout the whole tour! The unit grabbed attention because of its look, but also because of it’s unique accessories and branding. Not to mention the energy and continuous audio/video enhancements that created an exhilarating experience.

Festival Bar – Always A Success!

Having this kind of installation on your event site is a must. After all, no big events such as those mentionned earlier are without a bar. The installation is a great way to bring to customers the drinks they need in heat time. Our turnkey festival bar is the solution for this kind of events! You can tell by the images that festivalgoers and attendees really enjoyed their experience! Our solution made it possible for BudLight to bring the festival bar on a 4-month journey. Certaintly, they were well represented.

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