A Modern Custom Pop-Up Retail Boutique

The Green Bay Packers worked with Steel Space Concepts to create a custom SSLite16 unit to serve as a pop-up retail boutique during Packer’s home games.

Reduce transportation costs and environmental impact

The SSLite16 easily transforms into a mobile pop-up retail boutique and requires minimal resources for its deployment, which makes it a great custom solution for companies interested in launching mobile stores.

In addition, the Green Bay Packers were able to transport this lightweight unit using their own custom trailer and truck, thus reducing their transportation costs and environmental impact.

Pop-Up Retail Boutique - Custom Build Unit

This concept required us to customize a few things in order to make an experience to remember. We added infra-red heaters on the ceiling to make sure the fans were comfortable.

All the racks and merch stands were strategically placed to create an easy path for the consumer's flow.

Modular Design

The SSLite16’s modern modular design offers a great range of possible customizations and upgrades such as the custom mezzanine level that the Packers decided to add to their unit.

As a result, fans noticed the presence of this modern pop-up store on the field and were curious to visit the boutique. Moreover, these type of pop-up stores are viewed by consumers as temporary or limited-edition setups, which creates a sense of urgency among clients and encourages spontaneous purchases.

Like the rooftop access being added in this case, we can add/remove floors to fit any footprint restrictions and add more features to bring to life your vision.

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