Polestar mobile showroom at Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

Polestar mobile showroom across the country has always been a head turner. For the Canadian marketing team, it was important to showcase the cars in something massive & sustainable.

What’s behind the finished product…

This was all possible by using two of our standard SS20 units to promote the newly released Polestar 2 at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. We positioned both containers face-to-face to create a mobile showroom. We built a custom interior with backlit displays, in addition with minimalistic branding. The mobile showroom attracted a lot of passersby, with two Polestar cars being showcased under this custom upper deck.

As a result of our mobile showroom, Polestar was able to promote their Polestar 2 in places they wouldn’t be able to in normal time.

SS20 in a pair, double the footprint.

Our standard SS series comes with a full opening option, in this case, Polestar decided to merge the two units together to create more footprint. A few modifications make this unit unique but the base of our standard fleet. If they decide to use only one unit in two different locations, this footprint becomes two separate spaces.

Dealership on the road

Car brands try to create consistency in some of their brick & mortar experiences. In this activation, we merged the 3 important aspects of what Polestar does in dealerships across the country. The local dealership in Laval is also built of Shipping containers

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