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Advanced SimRacing's Cutting-Edge Simulators at PRI in Indianapolis

How can you become more immersed in the brand than with what Advanced SimRacing has to offer? Get a taste of their racing simulator, cutting-edge technology that will exceed your expectations.

Let’s dive into how we showcased their simulator with our immersive brand activation solution at the Performance Racing Industry in Indianapolis.

Advanced SimRacing's Cutting-Edge Simulators at PRI in Indianapolis

Our SSL32’ allowed us to seamlessly integrate 4 of Advanced SimRacing’s cutting-edge simulators within the confines of the unit. The upper deck gave them the ability to accommodate a fifth simulator. This not only showcased the adaptability of our unit but also added a unique dimension to the presentation.

It was a beautiful and immersive way to present Advanced SimRacing’s product line, providing an open-air experience that went beyond the conventional showroom setup. The upper deck created a dynamic setting that left a lasting impression on everyone present.

Immersive Brand Activation at Tradeshows

Advanced SimRacing offers a product that needs to be tested before making a choice. You need to experience what they have to offer to understand their products. Participating in tradeshows is a no-brainer for them; it’s a perfect way to engage in conversation, giving new customers the chance to test the product and get a taste of the experience they have to offer.

That is why we believe our activation ready SSL32’ is the perfect way for them to showcase their product during tradeshows. Easy to deploy, with plenty of space, manageable for attendees, and having your staff there to talk and promote your brand. The visibility is huge and surely captures the attention of passersby.

Crafting an Immersive Journey into Sim Racing Innovation

As participants engaged with the simulators inside and on top of our unit, the showcase became more than just a display of technology. This wasn’t just about demonstrating Advanced SimRacing’s products; it was about crafting an experience that went beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of innovation and excitement in simulator racing.

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