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Unleashing Creativity: Coca-Cola's Portable Bar and Photo Booth

Coca-Cola collaborated with Steel Space Concepts to develop two innovative container units for their iconic beverage: a portable bar and a stylish photo booth.

These eye-catching structures are made from modified shipping containers and offer a fun and engaging way for people to enjoy the Coca-Cola brand and products.

Thanks to Steel Space Concepts’ expertise in creating unique and versatile designs, Coca-Cola now has two exciting new ways to bring their brand to life and create unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Step right up and indulge in refreshing drinks!

Coca Cola recently took their brand experience to the streets of Buford, Atlanta, with the help of two transformed shipping containers. The sleek and modern SS20 unit was repurposed into a portable bar, fully furnished with everything needed to showcase the many ways to enjoy cocktails made with the iconic soda.

Meanwhile, the SS10 unit was revamped into a fashion photo booth, complete with a suspended spherical chair and 3D bubbles that played off of the drink's signature fizz.

Revamping Brand Experience: Coca Cola's Portable Bar and Photo Booth Campaign

But the fun didn't stop there. By setting up their converted containers in a public space, Coca Cola was able to invite passersby to stop, relax, and enjoy a refreshing drink. The portable bar not only created a buzz around the brand, but also allowed the company to interact with customers in person and educate visitors on all the ways to enjoy Coke. And the photo booth was a clever solution to prompt clients to share their experiences on social media, spreading the word about Coca Cola even further.

What There Is to Remember

Overall, this campaign was a smart and engaging way for Coca Cola to leverage their brand power and connect with potential customers.

Whether enjoying a drink at the portable bar or capturing a memorable moment in the photo booth, visitors were sure to leave with a positive impression of the iconic soda brand.

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