Steel Space Lite 8 unit represents a unique way to promote your business, brand or event. What can be better than that? The Steel Space Lite 8 offers the same advantages as our other units but it also offers you the possibility to transport it yourself without Steel Space Concepts’ assistance, just by using a pick-up or a SUV!

No matter what kind of marketing tools your company already uses, the SSLITE 8 can easily become your leading promotional weapon or a stellar addition to your existing promotional fleet. The unit transforms easily into a pop-up store or exclusive boutique, and is the perfect platform for any kind of experiential marketing or promotional campaign. Affordable, lightweight and easy to maneuver, the Steel Space Lite 8 allow us to provide you with a wider range of possibilities when envisioning your marketing strategy.

The Steel Space Lite 8 is the future of pop-up tents: effortless and quick to set up at ground level and absolutely remarkable in its appearance and design. Easy to customize for each of your marketing campaigns and events, this unit provides clients with an innovative platform for promotional activities.