As part of its on-going quest for excellence and innovation, Steel Space Concepts has developed the new Steel Space Lite 16. A unit that redefines experiential marketing!

The Steel Space Lite 16 transforms easily into a pop-up store or an exclusive boutique, and is the perfect innovative platform for any kind of event you’re envisioning. At Steel Space, we can make our unit custom for your project!


The Advantage of The Steel Space Lite 16

  • Deployment on site with minimal resources
  • Easy to maneuver and quick to set up
  • Lightweight design
  • Modular design
  • Low transportation costs and environmental impact
  • Absolutely remarkable in its appearance and branding
  • Great range of customization and upgrades

Our units makes possibles for company to bring their product to potential customers.

While focusing on removing all technical constraints, our dedicated team have worked to develop a product that is easy to use, customizable and cost effective.

Want to see the Steel Space Lite 16 in action? Look at this outside workspace we did!