The Impact of Mobile Sampling Tours with Shipping Containers


Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact us Offering product samples to potential customers is highly beneficial as it increases exposure and allows customers to experience your product first-hand, leaving them wanting more. It also boosts consumers’ confidence and excitement about their purchase. By incorporating product sample distribution into your marketing campaign, your business can achieve […]

Steel Space Concepts’s Modified Shipping Container Solutions

Millet time at night during a show

Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact us At Steel Space Concepts, we take pride in the work we do, and it shows. Over the years, our team has carefully listened to feedback from our clients throughout North America, using it to consistently improve our modified shipping container solutions. Our goal is to provide high-end solutions […]

Everything You Need to Know About Guerilla Marketing

Employee working inside the mobile container of Shipt Guerilla Marketing

Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact us Guerilla marketing is a way to drive publicity and brand awareness by using unconventional methods that evoke surprise, wonder, or shock. At Steel Space Concepts, we know how Guerilla marketing can be used to create highly unconventional campaigns that catch people unexpectedly in the course of their day-to-day […]

The Definition of Pop-up Container. Everything You Need to Know

People enoying themselves in front of a pop-up container

Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact us We’ve all seen them, and many of us have experienced a pop-up container. At festivals, street markets, or simply on the fly, pop-up containers are a way to attract attention. Before doing such an activation, it is important to understand what a pop-up container is. Do you want […]

Temporary Office Space – Another Solution for Brand Awareness.

Workers inside a mobile container as an office space

Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact us Some businesses require a full-time office space, while others only need a physical presence from time to time. What if we told you that your offices could have a public presence, an impressive impact as well as provide an outstanding work experience for your employees? That’s what our […]

Pros and Cons of Sampling Pop-Up


We’ve created multiple pop-up stores, bars, offices and sampling stations. There is no secret to us when it comes to mobile pop-up.

7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs A Pop-Up Container

Full Polo merch being sold at the pop-up store of Polo

Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact us It’s a Saturday afternoon in your city, people are gathering around a giant structure that wasn’t there a couple hours ago. You’re asking yourself: How did they manage to make this happen within a day in such a busy area? Curiosity kicks in, so you’re moving towards the […]