Stimulate Your Senses™

Igloofest, Montreal

Steel Space Concepts and 5 Gum REACT2 teamed up to come up with a mind blowing new project named the “5 Gum REACT2 Sensory Chamber.” This unforgettable experience allowed interested customers to take a seat in an Emperor Interactive Chair created by MWelab for unique customer experience.

The sensory chamber chair, complete with a computer, Bose audio system and 3 LCD flat panel displays, allowed us to create a distorted image of a visitor’s face and share it with their friends and family through social media. A Rorschach inkblot test effect was used along with unique visual and sound effects in order to stimulate the visitor’s senses.

Combining the experience with sampling of the flavorful gum and some animation around the unit, the concept was a huge hit everywhere it went. Taking place in a decked-out Steel Space unit, the project kicked off at the Igloofest music festival in Montreal and travelled across the nation to many popular ski slopes and festivals. The Steel Space 5 Gum React2 experience was everything it was made out to be, unique, breathtaking and completely unreal.